Memorial Service Today for Fallen Firefighter

Family and friends will gather today to honor the life of Houston Firefighter Paramedic Gerado Pacheco.

His friends called him Jerry.

Pacheco, a 17-year veteran, father of a firefighter, died of complications from Covid 19 on August 3 after his health had appeared to be improving. In a statement, Marty Lancton, President of the Houston Fire Fighter Association said, “Please keep the family, friends and station crew of Jerry Pacheco in your thoughts and prayers. Jerry leaves behind a loving family, including a son in the Houston Fire Department, many friends and a long list of Houston firefighters who respected and enjoyed serving with him. We mourn the loss of our friend. His tragic death is another reminder to be vigilant in our efforts to keep our families, friends and station crews safe in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Pacheco will be remembered at a funeral at 11 this morning at Houston First Baptist Church.

Jerry Pacheco was 50.

photo: Houston Professional Firefighters Association

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