Fear of Doctors Office Continues

Telehealth has experienced tremendous growth due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Medical providers have expanded access to care for patients by offering virtual appointments and other online services, which has allowed patients to speak with their doctor from the comfort of their homes during Covid-19.

Harmony Healthcare IT recently surveyed 2,000 Americans on the topic of telehealth to learn more about their experiences with telehealth and if they plan to continue to use virtual medical services post-pandemic.

Here's what they found:

  • 71% of respondents said they are fearful to visit a doctor’s office due to Covid-19.
  • 67% of Americans have used telehealth since Covid-19 with an average of 2.9 telehealth visits, compared to only 46% prior to Covid-19.
  • Even though 63% were apprehensive about their first telehealth appointment, 72% ultimately enjoyed the experience.
  • Top responses for what patients like most about telehealth: 1. Convenience 2. Safety (avoid virus exposure) 3. Flexibility 4. Less wait time 5. Comfort of being at home 6. Easier to schedule follow-ups 7. Better communication.
  • The most common types of telehealth visits: 1. Primary Care 2. Cardiologist 3. Neurologist 4. Oncologist 5. Otolaryngologist 6. Dermatologist.
  • 60% of respondents said they’ll continue to use telehealth post Covid-19 and 52% said they would see their doctor more often if they could use telehealth in the future.

photo: getty images

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