Tested Positive for Covid? Will you donate blood?

There are at least 471,000 people in Texas who have been confirmed through testing to have had been exposed to Covid 19. They have antibodies, and that makes their blood plasma very valuable to currently hospitalized patients.

Convalescent plasma isn’t new, and technically the use of convalescent Covid plasma is still in clinical trials, but its efficacy is pretty widely accepted. Plasma is the caramel-colored liquid that can be separated from platelets in blood. The video below explains the process.

The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is looking for people who qualify. “Because the plasma from people who have recovered from Covid 19 has antibodies that can help people who are actually fighting Covid 19 now,” says Dr. Susan Rossmann, Chief Medical Officer for the blood donation center.

You need to have a record of a positive result from a Covid 19 test, and you must be without symptoms for 14 days. There are age and other requirements standard for blood donations. Appointments are required.

“Right now we are still studying what the best way to use it is.There is some evidence that it seems to be most effective when it’s used early in the course of the disease,” says Rossmann.

Need a slight push for incentive? During the month of August you can get a coupon for a free pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream for donating blood. That and you may save someone's life.

Here’s where you get the details.

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