Child Care Centers Are Essential for Essentials

Some have been open throughout, and have learned basic lessons, says Lynette Fraga, CEO of Child Care Aware. “What has been learned from that is that sanitizing equipment is very much needed.” It’s the essentials that are required to keep essential workers working. Safety, security, social distancing, cleanliness. Robert Sanborn with Child at Risk nails home the point. “What we know is that for a lot of our essential workers, you’re not going to be able to be essential unless you have child care.When you have kids they need to have a place to go.”

In Texas, Sanborn says, there is still a valuable resource. “The Collaborative for Children has that fine Childcare Now app. It’s a great place to go to look for where there is child care right now.”

Fraga says policymakers are trying to include provisions in the relief package being debated on Capitol Hill that would help with child care. “With $10 billion for infrastructure to improve childcare safety, and $850 million to support family care for essential workers.”

There are critical questions parents need ask before sending their child to any provider, Fraga suggests. If a child or employee tests positive, will the entire organization shut down or just one class, and how will the facility notify parents?

photo: getty images

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