Businesses Have “Better Grip” On How to Serve Customers Amid Pandemic

Business leaders say five months into the pandemic, they're getting a better grip on how best to serve their customers.

Many companies have “reset” their businesses. With managers retooling pricing, store designs and production. They're now looking at what Americans need based on a stay-at-home lifestyle. Business strategist Wayne Penello says we've seen changes in Houston, as local restaurants offer more delivery and driver through options. He says the pandemic is also changing how companies communicate with their customers.

“Once they find a customer or a prospect with interest, they have to find a way to routinely, but in a sensitive way, not over market themselves, but to routinely ping those people, and remind them this is what we are doing and this is what we have new,” Penello, who is the President and founder of Risked Revenue Energy Associates, said.

He adds the pandemic and economic shutdown forced business executives and owners to rethink how they are going to stay afloat in the future.

“Instead of being effective and finding the cheapest way to build a product, I need to be resilient. I need to find a way that I can withstand all sorts of storms, so that my business survives, even in an environment like this,” Penello explained.

Penello, who has written about many related issues in his book Risk Is an Asset: Turning Commodity Price Uncertainty into a Strategic Advantage, expects to see more widespread use of video conferencing long after the pandemic is over.

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