Employers Mull Forced Time Off

Many companies are now facing a new challenge as the pandemic stretches into August: how to schedule an influx of vacation and holiday plans.

Many businesses are facing two different scenarios. One, employees who have been working amid the pandemic and never taken any time off. Second, employees who have used up their company allotted days off (what some companies call “Paid Time Off” or PTO) amid the economic shutdown. Business strategist Cheri Perry says companies are having to come up with creative solutions.

“The cool thing about being a business owner is that you are always in constant problem solving mode. They have to take into consideration what is the best course of action overall to make sure that I’m maintaining my company culture, to make sure I’m taking care of my team,” Perry said.

In many cases employees have few options. Some aren't planning to take a vacation until 2021, others are trying to schedule time off with their employers well in advance.

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