The Soaps Are Coming Back!

There are only 4 soap operas left in the United States, and many are predicting Covid-19 could be the last nail in their collective coffins. Due to current restrictions, all have been running re-runs, some from decades ago. It was imperative to start up again. Unlike other Americans, (you) Soap Opera stars are back to work as they were before. So why are they allowed to work closely, sometimes VERY closely, and we're 6 feet apart and masked?!?

Syracuse professor and TV culture guru Robert Thompson says, "Reruns are not good for Soap Operas. They are continuing stories that evolve over time and over generations. Therefore, there was a certain urgency not to spend too many weeks on so-called 'classic' episodes."

Soap Opera Royalty Susan Lucci

Thompson says producers felt they were losing their audience with re-runs. Now they are making sure the sets are closed and hygienic. "They are using very controlled sets. They are closed sets. They are using a lot of mannequins. One suggested maneuver is for the intimate scenes to bring in loved ones from the actors' households!" Only time will tell if these extreme measures to keep everyone safe and healthy will pay off.

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New Soap Opera Episodes

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