Airline Usage Crashing

Americans will take more than 700 million trips this summer.

Not too many, however, are getting on airplanes. In fact, 76 percent fewer people boarded airplanes this past weekend that did the same weekend a year ago! iHeartMedia's Aviation Expert Jay Ratliff says that's 76% down isn't all bad. "The 76% number is actually an improvement! Go back to April, we should have been seeing days where we were averaging 2 and half million fliers a day and we had less than 90,000 people a day!"

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Ratliff says recent Coronavirus numbers are at the heart of the problem. "We started seeing an increased number of some of the reported Coronavirus cases, and that caused a lot of people to start thinking, 'You, know, instead of flying, I think we'll take our vacation where we can drive.'" Along that line, AAA Texas estimates over 76 million will take to the road this summer.

Ratliff also says, "The crippled Airline Industry is getting help from the feds... receiving 25 billion dollars in grants and loans to help them pay their employees."

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