More Young People Not in School or Working Since Outbreak

The pandemic and the economic downturn are having a devastating effect on young people.

No school. No internships. No jobs. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, nearly three-in-ten young people are neither working nor taking classes. According to Pew Research, that means roughly 10.3 million young people ages 16 to 24 are disconnected. Rania Mankarious, who has studied Family Therapy and Psychology, says it's a concern.

“We are starting to look at new things. A loss of focus. Kids who were very driven before have now lived this new norm. You’re going to find difficulty getting these kids back into school, back into the workforce,” Mankarious said.

All those could create challenges in the long run. Mankarious says parents should be talking with their children. One idea is to find a mentor to help them with their education and career goals.

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