Democrats say Trump won't accept a November loss. They forget 2016.

The old saying is that those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Maybe someone should remind Democrats about that.

Democrats are trying to sell you that President Trump wouldn't accept a loss in November. Andy Hogue with the Travis County Republican Party says Democrats seem to forget they haven't accepted what happened in 2016.

"It's just conspiratorial thinking on the level of Russian collusion that the left is known for. And it's sickening," Hogue said.

He thinks the Democrats should be more concerned that November might play out like it did four years ago.

"The Democrats have more to lose. They are certainly going to moan and groan all the way up to Election Day," Hogue stated, adding that even though Trump supporters might not like the rhetoric, they like how he governs.

A good example of what the Democrats are trying to sell you on is below.

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