Are more shutdowns really necessary?

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner are openly pushing for a shutdown. But they haven't produced the science to back it up.

In fact, earlier this week, Turner had to admit that hospitalizations had been going down. But they are using other metrics now, like positivity rate. But that metric is questionable because of the amount of testing that's going on. Holly Hansen at The Texan says they should be using other numbers to keep us open instead of trying to keep us at home in fear.

"There's a lot of indicators saying that there is a high recovery rate. The big question is what does a shutdown accomplish," Hansen said.

That's a question Hidalgo and Turner don't answer. What they continue to to is move the goal post while this is all playing out.

"We need to stop changing that metric. We've gone from 14 days to flatten the curve to wanting zero hospitalizations," Hansen explained, adding that Hidalgo and Turner also talk about wanting a positivity rate of over five percent, which is nowhere near what they talked about when this started in March.

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