How Much Does It Take To Make You Feel Rich?

Charles Schwab’s annual survey of 1,000 Americans aged 21 to 75 asking how much money it takes to feel rich is showing the impact of the pandemic, down from $2.4 million for the past three years now to a cool $2 million. Money just doesn’t have the value it used to.

What does it take to feel happy? More than money if you’re a Boomer or Millennial. People from those generations are rating a good relationship as having a higher value than respondents in the past. Gen X wants cash. Gen X and Millennials don’t rate careers as high and Boomers have lost interest, and Millennials are the only to put a higher premium on health. What Boomers put the highest premium on is lifestyle.

How much does it take to feel comfortable? That has dropped also, from $934,000 in January to $655,000 now.

photo: getty images

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