Here's proof Texas kids should be in class and not learning online

If you need more proof that your kids need to be learning in a classroom and not online, these numbers should convince you.

According to new rankings done by WalletHub, Texas's public school system is ranked 28th in the country. We are 45th in reading scores and 21st in math. Education expert Jean Burk says we should want to be better.

"We're prideful as Texans. It's alarming to see these statistics," Burk stated.

She says kids need the structure of being in a classroom if they are going to learn.

"Online schools are good in theory, but didn't work for most families. What is happening is that we created these virtual dropouts," Burk explained.

Speaking of dropouts, Wallet Hub says Texas is 5th in dropout rate, and number one in school closures because of COVID.

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