Impress your boss: Be professional during Zoom meetings!

Which is more aggravating - nails on a chalk board or seeing a co-worker on their phone during your meeting?

Executive Presence and Personal Branding expert Valerie Sokolosky reasons, "Common sense would say, 'Act like, speak like and show up like you're at an in-person meeting.' Would you eat at a meeting in front of other people who are not eating !?!"

How you act during your Zoom Team Meetings can make or break your current career. She says if you don't want to be left behind for the next promotion, just remember to turn on your camera, don't talk over your co-workers and best of all --- show up on time! Sokolosky reminds you to check how you look against your background picture, sit still, don't multi-task, and once more: be on time. "Rudeness is rampant. People who are professional need to show they are!"

Doctors Adopting a Virtual World

Sokolosky says to treat all meetings as if you are in a board room face-to-face. "Showing up with good behavior, being respectful of other people and not being so self absorbed: Who wouldn't want to work with or for someone like that?!?"

Valerie Sokolosky is the author of Monday Morning Leadership and Do It Right!

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