A House hearing claims it'll look into big tech censorship

For a long time now Silicon Valley has been working to silence conservative opinions and it went nuclear with the election of President Trump. Today, the heads of Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple will appear before a House hearing on big tech censorship.

Political insider Chris Begala says it's no surprise Twitter censored the President's son yesterday.

"They have our information, they censor our information, and they’re going after, directly, President Trump, Donald Trump, Jr and others."

Begala says Silicon Valley is gripped by Trump Derangement Syndrome.

"They are absolutely obsessed, they are mentally ill with their hatred for Donald Trump; they don't care about Democracy."

Begala says he has no hope any House committee can bring about meaningful reform of big tech censorship.

"I have absolutely no confidence that some stupid committee up on Capitol Hill is going to get to the bottom of this; these big tech companies are so unbelievably powerful and so corruptly biased, I think it is way too far gone."

Yesterday, Twitter censored Donald Trump Jr for posting a video that disagrees with democrat views on hydroxychloroquine.

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