Houston Fire Fighter Dies from Covid-19

The first Houston Fire Fighter has died of Covid-19. 29-year-veteran Houston Fire Captain Leroy Lucio will be buried today in San Antonio, his hometown. He is survived by his wife whom he called "LaLa" and his grown son and step son. Marty Lancton with the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association says a tented area was set up outside Captain Lucio's hospital room window. His wife, son and step son and Firefighters from Houston and San Antonio sat vigil outside his San Antonio hospital room window during his last days. "While Captain Lucio was in the hospital, members of our Line of Duty Death Task Force along with San Antonio Fire Fighters and Captain Lucio's family stood vigil outside his hospital room window."

Houston Firefighters Fight Back

Lancton says Covid-19 is taking a toll on the department. "It is making an already dangerous job more dangerous. Over a thousand Houston firefighters have been quarantined during the crisis. " 162 firefighters are currently in quarantine, but no fire stations are closed.

photo: Houston Fire Department

Hou Fire Capt Leroy Lucio died from Covid 19

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