Back to work with lots of conditions

Ready or not, it may be time for the rest of America to return to the office. A survey finds 86% of those not in the office now want a four-day work week and lots of Covid precautions.

Matt Zajechowski of Digital Third Coast says workers are really worried about elevators.

"They really want to see the elevator removed completely or have a hard limit of two people at a time."

Zajechowski says working at home is good for some but a nightmare for others.

"They're able to save money on commuting and all the expenses that come with that but on the flip side you're gonna have people in a much worse situation; they don't have the schools to watch their children."

Zajechowski says the pandemic will lead to big changes in most workplaces and some are here to stay.

The survey found a majority of workers want lots of precautions in place before they return.

"Handshakes, hugs and fist-bumps completely disallowed; limiting the number of people in meeting rooms and keeping furniture and workstations six feet apart."

Zajechowski says a majority of those surveyed want also want daily screenings as workers arrive: temperature checks and questions about being sick or having been in contact with someone who's sick.

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