School districts are pulling back from re-opening classrooms. Should they?

School districts across the country, including around the Houston area, continue to pull back from re-opening their classrooms. They have extended virtual learning. Why are they doing this? And should they be doing this?

According to Texas teacher and Federalist contributor Auguste Meyrat it's because school districts are monopolies. They close because they can, not because they should.

"You can make these kind of arbitrary conditions for opening. You have public schools not getting better because they don't have to. The kids are going to go there anyway," Meyrat told KTRH News.

Unless of course you had such a thing like choice; school choice to be specific.

"That's exactly what we see in the business world. If Walmart or Target decides to lose, people can go to another company and get their stuff," he stated, adding that if you had the choice, you would pull your kids from the school that's closed, and go to one that's open.

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