Should you believe what the doctors are saying?

The medical experts want you to listen to their advice when it comes to COVID-19. But their track record hasn't been great so far.

At first the doctors like Anthony Fauci said you didn't need masks. They said this wouldn't impact our lives. They were wrong. How did this happen? Fox News contributor Elizabeth Ames says part of it's political. Part of it is the virus.

"We really don't know where the virus came from. It's a unique virus that has not behaved in ways that are traditional," Ames said.

So should we blindly listen to Fauci and others? Ames says listen, but don't stop your lives.

"I have been living my life. You can't just hunker down in your house. You have to live," Ames stated, adding that we should be smart enough to make our own decisions and take precautions.

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