You'd think this would be a libertarian year, but it's not

Quick, name the libertarian nominee for President. If you're not a libertarian, you probably can't. Many say, as in 2016, neither major party candidate is appealing, so it would seem to be a good time to be a libertarian.

KPRC 950's Ken Webster, Jr says Jo Jorgensen is getting little or no coverage from the national media.

"Right now the libertarians have a female candidate and considering all the pro-feminist, political activism happening around the country that seems like it would be a golden time for the Libertarian Party to step up and seize the moment; the problem is most people don't even know what the Libertarian Party candidate's name is."

While democrats scoff at the idea of a "silent majority," if Joe Biden's supposed lead in the polls doesn't translate to votes in November, that may explain why. Webster says, just as in 2016, polls may not accurately reflect the population at large.

"There's a lot of people out there that don't wanna talk to pollsters and a lot of the polling information out there is biased or skewed; the very voter base they're trying to reach isn't reachable by a pollster."

It would also explain why the nation's largest third party, the Libertarian Party, can't get any traction. Jorgensen will probably struggle to get one percent of the vote.

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