Will You EVER (get to) Go Back to the Office?!?

Do you miss your old work place? Corporate Culture expert Joshua Evans feels your pain. "The world of the workplace is changing dramatically. Our workplace has been sling-shotted into the future as many people are starved for professional interaction --- not just with their families!" Rotating office schedules, smaller work spaces and some layoffs could be coming. Why layoffs? "Because employers and supervisors have noticed that some employees are not productive when their work is virtual - or maybe they never were very productive because they could 'hide' behind their co-workers." Many factors come into play for your work future... from disinfecting work spaces to when your kids will see a classroom again.

The Changing Work Environment

Traditional office-based 9 to 5 is over for most of you...but the workplace of your future is still unclear. You may only go into the office once a week, board meetings may include face masks and partitions. Evans says companies are learning to be flexible. "While rotating partial workweeks and changing schedules and making actual changes in the work space itself are going to be a necessity --- it's up to each organization to see what their special needs are. " Essential workers in retail, municipal work and medicine are already seeing changes that could go on indefinitely.

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Staff meeting of the future?

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