Staying at home shows you what you should get fixed!

Staying at home so much shows you what needs to be fixed and updated. Home repairs and remodeling are keeping construction companies busy!

Orlando Delcid of Delcid Construction LLC says, "People are doing a lot of their kitchens. They are doing a lot of their restrooms. They are upgrading areas that they usually use on a daily basis." He says the Cares Act has helped as well. "They got some stimulus money - so they were able to have a little bit extra to do some of the repairs."

D-I-Y Amateurs pay for Mistakes

Delcid also says that as the construction industry flourishes in the Greater Houston Area, even the Do-It-Yourselfers are adding to their success. "Some people start the projects on their own. Pretty soon they see how tedious and involved these projects are and they call a professional to get it done instead!"

There was even a backlog of garage doors for a while because so many people finally realized they needed new ones! Delcid thinks the prosperity in the construction industry should last another two years...and that's good for hiring and giving more business to his suppliers.

Home Remodeling big in Houston  Area

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