Schools could cause chaos without uniform shutdown trigger

Sending your kids back to school is causing you as a parent to be concerned. But, when you consider that schools could close again, it could cause a whole new level of chaos.

The schools at any level can shut down for any reason. Ellie Pennybacker with Davidson College looked at shutdown triggers for schools across the country, and says the University of Texas has some a laundry list of shutdown triggers.

"Student deaths have gotten a lot of attention. But there are also smaller triggers like not enough access to masks or testing," Pennybacker said.

But here's the bigger problem. Ray Martinez with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board says not every college in the state has the same triggers.

"It is likely that we will see that what works for institutions in Abilene may be very different than what works for higher education institutions in the Houston region," Martinez explained.

So what does this mean for parents? The possibility of more chaos than you've already dealt with.

University of Texas (UT) Austin campus at sunset aerial view

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