Cancel culture gets help from social media and big tech

Cancel culture is getting a big boost from big tech and social media.

This is how it works. Social media sees what is getting likes, and what is being commented on. Kami Huyse with 'Smart Social Secrets' says the more likes you get the more your stuff gets pushed.

"Likes, comments, and shares. If something is commented and shared it is going to rise and bubble up to the top of the algorithm," Huyse said.

Which gets people talking and pushes th narrative of cancel culture. That makes, according to some, cancel culture bigger than social media platforms themselves.

"It can go all the way around the world. You have this rally powerful communications channel, with really no gatekeepers," Huyse stated.

And with no gatekeepers, there's no way to hold anything back. Once something trends, it's tough to contain.

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