What's a Parent to Do?

Postponing classroom education makes childcare essential for some parents. Maria Luce of The Empowered Mom says this school year is going to be different. "I liken this to The Lewis and Clark of Parenting! We are basically charting our steps as we go." She says her "moms" are getting creative.. "Maybe a nanny coming into the house,or small, neighborhood groups, or some of the same kids coming together every day."

Working parents are especially facing a whole new world this school year. "Right now parents are looking at NO school and NO opportunity for child care - so they're having to look at other options."

She says even if parents are working from home and can help tutor their kids online learning, the students are still missing out on social growth and the discipline of keeping a schedule. Luce recommends partnering with other parents for safe group learning and if you actually find a childcare facility, ask lots of questions before your sign on the dotted line. This could get expensive, but Luce says good organization and setting expectations and duties for kids and adults early on will help...and don't be afraid to talk to partner with other parents.

Maria Luce is the author of Behind Her Brand.

Child Care will be difficult to find.

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