The Heartbreak of Face Mask Rash

There's another side of Covid-19: Face mask rash! You get it from wearing a mask on your face for hours.

Houston Dermatologist Dr. Esta Kronberg says she is seeing a lot of it in her office. "In the last 2 or 3 weeks, half of my patients came to me about their face mask rash. The rashes are a little bit of 'acne-ish,' a little bit of 'rashy-ness,' a little bit of sensitivity." Dr. Kronberg says cloth masks are a little easier on your skin because the cloth breathes more easily and you can wash them. "We have a shortage of medical masks --- so if everybody would wear the comfortable, fashionable cloth masks - that would leave more of the medical-grade masks for medical professionals."

If You Can't Find a Face Mask, Find a Bra. Seriously

If you are suffering from mask rash - try an over the counter 1% hydro-cortisone cream at night, and give yourself an occasional mask break during the day. Dr. Kronberg suggests to avoid mask rash, women shouldn't wear makeup, anti-aging or moisturizer cream under your mask. "You should take a break from wearing it - like at lunch, and use only fragrance-free skin treatments.

Face masks can cause rashes!

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