Stay-at-Home Stocks or Venture-Out Stocks?

Which should it be --- Stay at Home Stocks or Venture Out Stocks?

"2020 is becoming one of the strangest years in American history. Stay-at-Home stocks" include Apple, Etsy, and Home Depot- businesses we use when we're in a lock-down. Venture Out Stocks are travel, retail and gaming. KTRH Money Man Pat Shinn says they are like 2 on a see-saw! "We're seeing these gyrations back and forth where we will see the 'Venture-Out' stocks will do well and then retreat and the 'Stay-At-Home' stocks will do better."

Shinn suggests you diversify your investments and not buy from only one side --- or just stay with "essential" companies - like biotech and semi-conductors-which will be successful for a long time. Shinn says the retail world is crazy as well. "You have companies like Macy's that are just barely hanging on...and then you have companies like Tractor Supply that says their second quarter is up 25% over what it was a year ago." No one can predict if we'll be in Stay-At-Home or Venture-Out mode.

photo: Getty

Tractor Supply sales are up.

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