Texas Teachers Rally Against the Classroom

Dozens of Texas teachers gathered in Downtown Austin on Saturday to rally against the Texas Education Agency's (TEA) plans for reopening schools this fall. Here's one teacher expressing his concern -- through a facemask-- about returning to schoo. "Just feeling afraid, confused, mislead, misunderstood. Just not sure how to deal with the whole situation." Many Texas teachers say it is unwise to return to campuses in the fall.

On Friday, The TEA distributed new guidelines for the fall semester. The new guidance includes school systems being able to temporarily limit access to on-campus instruction for the first four weeks of school. School systems can continue to limit access to on-campus classes for an additional four weeks, if needed, with a board-approved waiver request to the TEA.

Many teachers across the state have said it is unwise and unsafe to return to campuses at all until cases decline or until there is a better understanding of how to move forward amid the COVID-19 crisis. Some of those teachers gathered in Downtown Austin to make their voices heard. The group caravan-ed around the Texas Capitol and TEA headquarters near 15th Street and Congress Avenue.

photo: twitter

Texas Teacher's car at Austin Rally.

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