It may be the most anticipated SUV this year

When you hear the words "Ford Bronco," if you think of OJ Simpson, Ford would like to change that. The first new Bronco model since 1996 debuted last week and critics are raving.

KTRH car pro Jerry Reynolds says you can't buy one yet, but you can make a down payment.

"They're not even in production yet, but it's probably one of the most anticipated launches of this entire year."

Reynolds says Jeep should be nervous because the Bronco appears to be a better deal than the Wrangler.

"With three different models and the very first four-door Bronco ever available, there's something there for everybody, starting under $30,000."

Reynolds says manufacturing starts next month and you can make a down payment at Ford's web site right now.

"The Sport comes first; they'll start producing those in September. So, pretty quick, if you put $100 down you're gonna have to make the decision on what you want to order, pick a dealer, and it's simple from there."

The 2021 Bronco ranges from thirty grand for the entry level model and up to sixty grand for the "First Edition." Reynolds says one dealer he knows had 81 orders for Broncos the night they debuted.

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