Back to School Shots Time!

Even though you may be a bit wary of entering a clinic or doctor's office right now, it's time for your kids back-to-school shots. KTRH medical expert Dr. Joe Galati says not to worry. "Physician offices and clinics are taking safeguards to social distance, keep crowding down and limit the time you are actually in their office." Dr. Galati says it's an especially important time to have your child vaccinated --- we don't need any more medical problems right now.

Vaxx of Else!

"We do not need to have our children potentially at risk for serious viral infections. It is very important that all children are vaccinated." And that goes for adults as well. "Flu shot and the pneumococcal vaccine, which is very good in protecting people from pneumonia, are both very important for adults."

Dr. Galati says clinics and doctor's offices are practicing Anti-Covid protocols and are safe for your family.

Back to School Shot time

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