COVID-19 Immunity May Only Last Several Months, According to UK Study

Our natural immunity to the coronavirus may not last more than a couple of months.

If you've already caught COVID-19, that means you can't catch it again, right? Wrong. According to a new study out of the United Kingdom, a natural immunity to the virus could decline with months. Scientists released the study to spark a debate among researchers trying to find a cure. Infectious Disease expert and Executive Director of GBAC, the Global BioRisk Advisory Council, Patty Olinger says as bad as it sounds, their findings may be a step in the right direction.

“When they look at developing the vaccine, can make something be more sustainable, and instead of something like an annual flu shot, maybe it’s something we look at like a ten year vaccine,” Olinger said.

More than one hundred research teams and companies around are working on potential vaccines against COVID-19, and more than a dozen are already in human trials.

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