White House, Republican Senators Say Second Stimulus Package Coming

A new stimulus package may soon be headed our way. Senate Republicans plan to introduce a proposal next week when Congress returns.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow confirmed in a Fox Business Television interview that a phase four stimulus package is coming.

“We want to incentives investments, we want a pro-growth package,” Kudlow said Monday.

Formal talks have not yet begun, but Kudlow says some ideas include unemployment reforms, return-to-work type bonuses, and targeted checks to individuals and families. Economist Peter Morici, Emeritus Professor at the University of Maryland, says Americans need another stimulus soon.

“We will not get back to some semblance of normalcy unless we have a good, robust, well-targeted stimulus package by the end of this month. Without that, the economy is going to sink again,” Morici said.

Morici believes states should get some stimulus, but it should be limited.

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