Texas reports new single day high in COVID-19 cases

The state of Texas hit a new single day record with 10,745 new cases of COVID-19 YESTERDAY.

The higher number was expected. Not all counties report cases over the weekend, so the numbers for Sunday and Monday were lower than they had been last week. Yesterday's number reflects that backlog. Texas also has 10,569 people in the hospital with the virus, and 3,322 Texans have died from the coronavirus. Texas Governor Greg Abbott told Fox News the spike in cases is not just due to re-opening the economy.

"COVID is not blue, red, Democrat, or Republican. This could happen in any state," Abbott stated, once again pleading with Texans to wear face asks and avoid another shutdown.

Fort Bend County has seen a rise in cases. Their number has more than doubled over the last month. County George K-P George is asking his residents to stay at home.


The state is allowing school districts more time for online learning to start the school year. Up until yesterday there was a limit of three weeks of online learning allowed before state funding would be impacted.

Goose Creek ISD has pushed back their start date from August until September 8th. They will start with online instruction.

HISD will announce their plans today.

Rice University says they have bought tents to convert them into outdoor classrooms for the fall semester. All classes over 25 students will be online. Masks will be required for everyone on campus.

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