Dry Cleaners Taking a Bath

Do you miss your dry cleaner yet? Your dry cleaner misses you.

The Covid-19 Crisis is taking a big bite out of the Dry Cleaning Industry. Mike Nesbit, President of Tide Dry Cleaners says "stay-at-home" orders has hurt them. "The 'stay-at-home' mandate certainly has had an impact on an industry that helps people who dress up - whether it's to work or going to their favorite restaurant or going to their niece's wedding..." As former president of a national association of dry cleaners, Nesbit follows trends across the country and says he has seen business as low as 80 per cent down from this month last year.

The Amount of Money You're Saving During Covid-19 Stay-at-Home

Nesbit, explains that people are staying at home more now and you don't need a dry cleaner to clean your pajamas and sweat pants. With dressy events canceled and offices mostly empty, many locations have cut their hours and laid off employees.

Dry Cleaning Industry hurt by Covid-19

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