Woke, Not Broke: Leftists Embrace Capitalism

Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes. Take for instance the political left in America---long known for railing against massive billion-dollar corporations and their supposed greedy, opportunistic leaders. But in the current political climate its seems many so-called "anti-capitalist" radical leftists are simpatico with millionaire CEOs.

Emily Jashinsky, culture editor at The Federalist, points out this glaring hypocrisy in a new column. "The anti-capitalist radical left is begging corporatists to exert more and more power over our politics," she tells KTRH. "The radical left is demanding the help of corporations in accomplishing its cultural goals, and those are very different from its economic goals."

Perhaps the biggest example of this Jashinsky points out is one-time NFL quarterback-turned woke activist Colin Kaepernick. "This is somebody who signed a deal with Nike, who signed with Disney," she says. "He is using corporations to advance his cultural leftist message as he purports to be anti-capitalist."

Another example of the "woke capitalism" phenomenon is the controversy over the Washington Redskins' name change. "The left was actually asking advertisers like FedEx and all these other corporations to pressure the Redskins to change their name," says Jashinsky. "The effect of that is giving more political power to corporations."

But this revolution may not be as revolutionary as it seems. Jashinsky thinks many of these corporations aren't as woke as they're pretending to be. "The corporatists are not being played for fools," she says. "They're not being coerced into dismantling the capitalist system, but they're actually using the cultural left to sell more products because they believe it's good for their business."

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