Vacations Without the Crowds

Social Distancing is changing how we spend our free time. Vacation get-aways don't always need to be about meeting new people. Shayla Northcutt of Northcutt Travel says they are booking trips that keep you and your family away from crowds and other people. You could go to the American wide open spaces, ...or even a resort in Mexico. "You're greeted with hand sanitizers, they wash the bottoms of your shoes. They are taking every single precaution and plus you are practicing social distancing more than you do back home!"

The Statue of Liberty

Traditionally travel and recreation have been about connecting with others - but fears of being close to unknown people is changing all that. Northcutt says vacations are being booked that keep you and your family away from crowds. "You're seeing more people not necessarily camping --- but staying in a hotel near your National Forest or National Monument - and seeing those treasures we have here in the U.S. "

Mexican hotels can only fill 30% of their rooms-so there's lots of space, especially on the beach, by the pool and at dinner!

Social distancing at its best

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