The temptation of the Apple

The public beta for a new version of Apple's mobile operating system is out and a new iPhone is expected in a couple of months. But the top models cost over a thousand dollars and experts say you don't need the latest and greatest.

High Tech Texan Michael Garfield says this is not a good time to spend a lot on luxuries.

"They're getting bigger and they're doing a few more things but now there's the pandemic, with so many people out of jobs, they're not spending a lot of extra money on things."

Garfield says if your current phone gets the job done, keep it.

"I would not run out and spend a thousand dollars; I wouldn't spend probably $600 or $700 on a phone."

Garfield says resist the temptation of a new gadget.

"If your phone is working fine right now and the screen looks great there's many reasons not to upgrade; just because a new phone is released doesn't mean you need to run out and get it."

Garfield points out some of the new features in Apple's mobile operating system have been available on Android phones for years. There are lots of budget Android phones and Garfield says you may be able to find one that does all you want for hundreds of dollars cheaper than the iPhone.

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