The left seems terrified to have Biden debate Trump

The left doesn't want to have Joe Biden debate President Trump one-on-one.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman says Biden shouldn't debate Trump unless the President agrees to having a real time fact checking team in place for the debate. Friedman also wants Trump to release his tax returns before approving any debate with Biden. Republican strategist Jessica Colon says this just proves that Democrats are scared.

"How many words do you remember Joe Biden speaking during the Democratic debates? Very few. And the ones he spoke were not very good," Colon stated.

And if President Trump gets Biden in a one-on-one debate, he will be exposed.

"If the Democrats go after Joe Biden the way President Trump will, they would incriminate themselves for all the terrible policies that they have enacted for 40 years," Colon added.

Colon adds that seeing the two in a one-on-one debate would show just how different the two men really are.

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