Back to School Shopping is Still a Toss Up

Nationally, almost 10 and a half billion dollars are spent on Back to School. Back to School used to mean new clothes and new supplies. Maria Luce of The Empowered Mom says 'her moms' tell her they aren't sure what to buy. This next school year is completely uncharted territory. We DON'T know what's going to happen!"

No one knows for sure so Luce is planning for both. She hears most families will do most of their shopping online to avoid the crowds. "A lot of things that we traditionally bought when we were going back to school were like pens, pencils, notebooks, and paper. Everything could be shifting with education again going online."

Summer School Continues Online

Luce says no matter what, everyone she hears from is trying to get ready for a different kind of school year. "From what I'm hearing it's probably going to be online as opposed to in person. But that could change as we get closer to mid-August. "

Delloitte says pens and notebooks sales are down and personal tech products are up. Luce says 'her moms' tell her they will do most of their buying online to avoid crowded stores.

This year's back to school clothes may just be pajamas.

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Teacher in Classroom or on Computer Monitor?

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