You can't count on Social Security

It's hard to believe anyone is actually counting on Social Security alone for retirement, but if for some reason you are, money experts say don't.

KTRH moneyman Pat Shinn says too many Americans have saved little or nothing.

"We're seeing many Americans who have not saved for retirement, they're working into their 70s."

But Shinn says a lot of us who plan to work until death run into a nightmare scenario.

"Either for health reasons or their company downsizes and they're out of a job and they're not able to get a new job."

The main problem with relying on Social Security? It’s just not that much money. The typical senior today receives about 18-grand a year in Social Security benefits.

Shinn points out we're living a lot longer these days.

"Social Security will most likely not be able to keep up with inflation so if you retire at say, 65 or 70, odds are good you're going to be retired for 20, 25 maybe even 30 years."

The Employee Benefit Research Institute estimates nearly half of Americans are forced to end their careers early, meaning they'll have some amount of time before they're eligible for Social Security. Plus, to see the full benefits of Social Security you need to wait until 70 to retire.

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