Conservative Watchdog Sues DC Over Black Lives Matter Street Mural

A conservative activist group files a lawsuit against the District of Columbia and its left-wing mayor after the city denies its first amendment rights.

Judicial Watch says they're taking legal action since Washington, D.C. officials refused to respond to their request to paint a message on a public street. The conservative watchdog group wanted to write “Because No One is Above the Law” in big yellow letters in the same way a “Black Lives Matter” message was displayed on 16th Street, near the White House. Tom Fitton, the group's president, told Fox News they've been accommodating to the district.

“We’ve promised to go through the rules, said if we need a permit, we’ll get the permit. If we need paint, we’ll buy the paint. We’ll do everything necessary to comply with the law to get this message there,” Fitton said.

He says they've been pushing for a response for three weeks. He thinks his group is being denied because the mayor doesn't like their political message.

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