Texas GOP Sues Mayor Turner, City and Houston First Corporation

"(Thursday) morning, the Republican Party of Texas filed a lawsuit against Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, Houston First Corporation, and the City of Houston for breach of contract and applied for a writ of mandamus requiring the city to honor its contract.

"The Republican Party of Texas is seeking an injunction requiring the George R. Brown Convention Center to comply with the binding contract and is requesting a temporary restraining order (TRO) preventing the city from restricting the convention’s events or using the virus as a pretext to cancel the convention.

"Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner’s use of the Force Majeure clause is just a pretext to his intent to treat the Republican Party of Texas differently than other groups, such as those we have seen from recent protests in the city of Houston. It should go without saying that a political viewpoint cannot be the basis for unequal treatment. Mayor Turner publicly stated his intention to interrupt the convention process and disenfranchise Republicans around the state, and yesterday he put his scheme into action. 

"Mayor Turner was explicit in his objective to dig through our contract and try to find a way - any way - to shut us down. Mayor Turner changed Health Department guidelines to impose additional requirements on the Republican Party that he did not impose on other organizations.

"Mayor Turner canceled the convention because he wanted to, not due to any “act of God” - only due to his desire to do so and to hold the Republican Party of Texas to a different standard than other entities. Further, Mayor Turner’s mandate far exceeded the requirements in the Governor’s Executive Order.

"Our objective is that the courts will hear and rule in our favor in time to open up the George R. Brown Convention Center Monday morning so that we may safely begin our vital work in the electoral process."

Click here for the lawsuit.

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