A fox is guarding the hen house

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates 27-million Americans will lose health insurance during the pandemic. Libertarians say that's what you get when you turn over health care to the government.

Michael Cannon is an insurance expert at the Cato Institute.

"What the headline should be is that the government is throwing 27-million Americans out of their health insurance."

Cannon says the government required people to get insurance through their work and then ordered those businesses to shut down.

"This is what government control of the health care sector and of the economy looks like."

Cannon says this should come as no surprise. he says first the government required us to get insurance through our jobs.

"And then it told people that they couldn't go to work; 27-million people lost their health insurance because they lost their jobs and that happened because the government tied their health insurance to their jobs."

Cannon says this is evidence the government shouldn't be trusted to regulate health care; Obamacare is a disaster and moving to a single-payer system, like Canada has, would be an even bigger disaster.

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