Nitro-Phos Bug Out

Last weekend on GardenLine, I explained why you should be looking for Nitro-Phos Bug Out granular insecticide when looking for a bifenthrin-based product. Simply put, it’s the strongest bagged bifenthrin insecticide on the market.

If you don’t typically check the content label on insecticides, let me give you a quick tutorial. It’s usually in tiny print near a bottom corner of the bag.

Noting the percentage of active ingredient is critical for getting the right product at the right price. There are many bifenthrin products on the market, but their content ranges from .05% to .1%. In Bug Out, it’s .2% – the greatest percentage on the market. So, if think you may be able to save a few bucks with a bifenthrin product found at a big box store or mass merchandiser, think again. If it only contains .05% bifenthrin, you’d need to buy three more bags to treat what a single bag of Bug Out would.

But once you have an infestation of destructive pests like chinch bugs or sod webworms, opt for a liquid version of bifenthrin and spray it three times over two weeks. The percentage of active ingredient in liquids is way higher, and you can coat every square inch of lawn. That way, you’ll knock out every egg. Sometimes, granular bifenthrin will leave a little space here and there where missed eggs will hatch. However, if you can catch these pests at their earliest stages - or if you want to apply a preventative – put down some Bug Out granular right now and again in 30 days.

Normally, I’m IPM-minded when it comes to pest control. That’s “Integrated Pest Management” - fancy terminology from my Texas A&M days which simply means I don’t put out insecticide just to put out insecticide. Usually, I only apply synthetic pest controls when I have a legitimate problem. But, if there was one product I would use as a preventative, it would be Nitro-Phos Bug Out because of its high percentage of bifenthrin.

And since it is a Nitro-Phos product, it’s available at the nurseries, feed stores and garden centers I endorse, plus all Ace Hardware stores in the area.


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