Texas officials are acting very un-Texan.

The way some of our locally elected officials act has some thinking about what has happened to the spirit of Texas self reliance.

There was a time when Texans didn't want outside help. Strategist Jason Johnson says that started to change before the pandemic, and is very evident now.

"They are facing some difficult decisions. Unfortunately it is in their nature to look to someone else to make those decisions," Johnson said.

Which is why you hear Texas Democrats like Lina Hidalgo and Mayor Turner talk about the lack of a 'national' plan to fight COVID-19. Johnson says it's not how elected officials should act.

"When an individual steps up and asks a Texan for their vote, what you're telling that Texan is that you want to lead," Johnson explained, adding that by complaining about Washington, those officials are doing the exact opposite.

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