Texas Bar Exam Postponed

Texas law students will have to wait to take The Bar Exam. Due to the Coronavirus Crisis, The Texas Supreme Court postponed upcoming Bar Exams. Houston Bar Association Board President Bill Kroger explains. "The Texas Supreme Court set the in-person exam for September 9 and 10, 2020 and the online exam for October 5 and 6, 2020. I think that gives the law students plenty of time to study for it."

Attorney Lene DeRudder approves and says law school grads didn't need one more level of stress. "I think the Bar Exam is even more stressful than giving birth to a child! There are concerns that if they are taking in remotely, that somehow it will negatively impact them into not giving their peak performance.

Kroger says it may not postpone careers for too many of the recent law school grads. "A lot of law students get their clerk-ships between their second and third year. As for the law students who are taking the exam now, a lot of them received their job offers last summer." And for the others, they have a couple extra months to network and interview!

The Houston Bar Association knows many people in Harris County will be in special legal need now and in the upcoming months because of the lock-down and layoffs caused by the coronavirus crisis. Please click here to check out your eligibility for free legal assistance.

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Studying for the Texas Bar Exam

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