Strategist: Silent majority is growing

President Trump likes to talk about the silent majority. Some political insiders think it's growing.

In fact, G-O-P strategist Mark Smith told Breitbart that it's growing because of Black Lives Matter.

“At the grassroots level, where [Trump] has had great success and continues to have great success making sure that he is speaking to and for those Americans who are in that silent majority,” Smith said, “and I will argue very strongly that that silent majority, on a day-to-day basis, thanks to the folks at Black Lives Matter and the professional race business in this country, are making more and more recruits.”

R-N-C Committeeman Robin Armstrong agrees.

"What is happening on the left right now is very dangerous and concerning to most regular Americans," Armstrong stated.

He also says you might be surprised as to who joins the silent majority.

"A lot of folks who have not been a part of that silent majority that supported President Trump will rise up and join because they are that concerned about radicalism," Armstrong explained.

You know, the kind of radicalism that led to CHOP in Seattle.

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