Fall College Tuition Hasn’t Changed, Despite Many Courses Moving Online

Colleges and universities in the Lone Star State are moving more classes online for the fall semester. But the tuition hasn't budged.

Parents and students are asking whether the cost of college is worth enrolling or staying enrolled for this fall. Campus life will be limited. Likely including spaced out dining halls, capacity caps on classrooms, and mask mandates.

While many students may not get the full collegiate experience, many colleges can’t afford to discount classes, because instructors are paid the same regardless if a class is held online or in person. In addition, many colleges are facing budget shortfalls due to the pandemic and economic shutdown. Education expert and KD College Prep President David Dillard says the situation puts some families in a tough spot.

“You have to go back and take a look at your personal financial situation, you have to take a look at your short term and long term goals, and whether that university still is going to be able to provide the best solutions long term,” Dillard said.

Dillard says if you can afford it, taking classes only offered partially on campus is still worth it. While some Texas universities waved some fees (like parking) during the summer, there's no guarantee they'll do so this fall.

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