The voting dead

As democrats continue to call for an all mail-in ballot election in November, experts warn it's much easier for the dead and pets to vote by mail.

One time and perhaps future Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart says we allow those over 65 and those who'll be out of the county to vote by mail.

"And I see no reason to expand it beyond that."

Stanart says we could see thousands of fraudulent ballots and that's enough to sway tight races.

"To open it up to everybody you actually are reducing the security level for a massive number of voters and that's not what we need."

Democrats insist everyone should be allowed to vote by mail because of the pandemic and there's no reason to worry about fraud. But Stanart disagrees.

"If you had everybody voting by mail you would have hundreds if not thousands, I think, that could potentially be fraudulent and when you look at how some of these races were so tight for some of the house districts last time, that's a major concern."

Stanart hopes to be on the November ballot for Harris County Clerk.

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