The one size fits all lockdowns clearly did not work

When you crunch the numbers, the 'One Size Fits All' quarantines look like they were a mistake.

If you look at the fatality rate of those that had symptomatic COVID, we are talking about .4% across all age groups. If you're under 50 years old and had symptomatic COVID, the rate was .05%. State Senator Paul Bettencourt says this is why Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo should think twice before forcing a lockdown on us for a second time.

"Putting people back into a lockdown is something we can't do. We cannot afford to shut down the economy again," Bettencourt said.

Most of the new cases today are younger people. Bettencourt says there is a way to keep people safe and keep the economy open

"Looking at the numbers, determining the trend, and then figuring out how much the economy can continue to be opened up long term," Bettencourt explained.

In the end, if yoiu crunch the data, we would have been better off in protecting the vulnerable as opposed to one size fits all.

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